Pre Delivery Inspection

What is PDI and Why do we do it....

Here at Lings Honda, as authorised Honda Dealers, we give you the confidence of buying a Honda piece of Power Equipemnt and it “working straight out of the box” and unlike other online companies we go above and beyond the Honda requirements, building and testing all Honda Equipment. We ensure they operate correctly and at the optimum performance when used for the first time.   

What does that mean?

The Honda Pre-delivery Inspection or PDI means that Lings Honda technicians:

  • Unpack your machine from its original Honda box
  • Build and set up the machine
  • Add Oil and Fuel
  • Start up and fully test the machine
  • Drain the Oil and Fuel, to stop leakages or damage in transit
  • Re package it in the original Honda box, which is specifically designed to protect that mower. (Smaller machines EU10 to EU30i Generator & WX10 to WB30 Water Pumps) 
  • Larger heavier machines will be sent out on a 48 Hour pallet service. 
  • Add in your personal PDI Form, confirming that the correct procedures have been followed
  • Send it out to you Via Parcelforce or UPS & Anglia Frieght, allowing you to track your order online
  • Your Machine has arrived, open the box. With NO TOOLS REQUIRED unfold the handle bars, slip the grass bag fabric onto the frame,* add in the correct quantity of FREE Oil which we supply you, add fuel and away you go.


Should you have any other questions regarding the Honda Pre Delivery Inspection please contact us on 01379 853495